Frequently Asked Questions
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» Where is the club located?

TRPC is located off Oak Ridge Rd, 2 miles outside Woodville, FL. The physical address is 146 Pistol Range Rd, Tallahassee, FL 32305.

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» How do I join TRPC?

Send an email to requesting an application.  Responses usually take one to two business days.  Please be mindful of holidays.

» How is TRPC governed?

TRPC is owned and operated by its members. Elected Board of Directors manage day to day operations. Quarterly membership meetings are held to discuss club business.

» What are the requirements of membership?

A) Members must be current members of the National Rifle Association.
B)  New members are required to complete a one time FDLE self-online background check.
C) TRPC requires previous firearms training that can be met with a concealed carry permit, military or law enforcement training, or other firearm safety training class such as hunter safety or NRA 1st step class.

» How much does it cost to join?

1st Year’s dues are $176.00 initiation fee + $10.00 for each remaining full month through the next June 30 ($100.00 maximum) 


ANNUAL DUES ARE $180.00                                                                    =   $180.00

OR                                                                                                                   or

ANNUAL DUES WITH $80.00 SERVICE CREDIT ARE $ 100.00          =  $100.00

» What types of firearms are allowed?

TRPC does not allow fully automatic firearms or 50 BMG rifles. All other firearms and calibers are permitted.

» Does TRPC offer any concealed weapons courses or other tactical classes?

No, we are a club, not a business.

» Do I have to be a certain age to come shoot or join?

No, we have junior memberships also. Minors must have parental consent.

» Do I have to be a member to use the range?

Yes, you must be a member or the guest of a member to use range facilities unless you are shooting trap or participating in a match. No wandering around.

» Do I have to be a member to shoot trap or shoot in a match?

NO, a non-member pays a higher price for a round of trap than a member pays. Match fee’s are the same whether you’re a member or not.

» Do I still have to do a background check if I’m in law enforcement or have a FFL?

Yes, EVERYONE without exception must complete a FDLE background check in order to join. The governor, mayor, judges everyone. It only cost $24, you and the club secretary are the only people who see it.

» Do I have to be a NRA member to join the club?

Yes, this is a requirement of membership. The NRA is fundamental in supporting our 2nd amendment rights and we support the NRA.

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» Do I have to fill out a waiver every time I come to a match or as a guest?

Match waivers are good for the entire calendar year, Guest waivers must be filled out by the guest EVERY time you visit the range.

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» How much is the guest fee?

Spouses of members and minor children never pay a guest fee. All other guests pay $10 per guest per visit, no limit on the number of times you can bring a guest. They must also complete and sign a waiver each visit.

» How many guests can I bring?

Up to 3 at a time, they must stay with the member the entire time they are on TRPC property.

» What hours can I shoot?

Sunrise to sunset 365 days a year.

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